Our Mission

At Your Light International we strengthen confidence in families by providing professional photography to preserve family stories and culture. We help to empower individuals and provide a lasting keepsake for loved ones. 

We provide opportunities for individuals or groups to volunteer their skills and time and to serve within their communities and abroad.

How We started

Your light started as anything does- with a simple idea. While I enjoyed taking wedding photos and portraits of families, I felt there was something more that I could be doing. I wanted to further reach others who were not getting these experiences or obtaining these priceless portraits to have for generations to come. I thought back on my time living in the developing country of Armenia. Many of the people there have nothing more than their passport photos and after a loved one has passed away, they hang that photo on the wall. I imagined how happy they would be to have a beautiful family photo to hang up, to have pride in, to hold onto. I came to feel that a simple, nice, family photo is something that every person should have. 

With that thought in mind I set out to research and explore the options available to others and if there was anything like this out there. Through this I found some wonderful people in my community who were already creating events to give back to families with photos. I got in contact, I got involved. I learned what needed to be done and and saw a gap that could be filled. With the help of these people, Your Light International was born.