Salt Lake City, Utah- Refugee Baby Shower

On June 1st we were able to team up once again with Catholic Community Services and join them at a baby shower for refugee women. It was an inspiring event to be apart of. All of the families were gifted diaper bags full of baby goods and then there were tables full of baby supplies. There was a nice catered lunch and then us there to offer some professional portraits! We loved being apart of such a wonderful day and giving these women a chance to preserve such a special time in their families.

Salt Lake City, Utah- Refugee Health Fair

A few weeks ago we were invited to come participate with Catholic Community Services once again to join their health fair and take family photos there of the refugee families. We had a busy and wonderful experience. We met families from Somalia, DR Congo, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Thailand, and Iran. So many beautiful cultures and people- truly an honor to photograph their families and to let them know that we value them!

Provo, Utah Event

On November 4th of this year we had our big event in Provo, partnering with Centro Hispano and the Provo Seventh Day Adventists church who donated the use of their gym! We had five photographers and did sessions every 15 minutes for several hours. A handful of families brought in their dogs even and one family brought in a cat! We had a great day serving and giving back, giving a gift that will last the years. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and gave of their time and resources for this wonderful time!


The group of volunteers.

The group of volunteers.

And as always, every family receives a free 8x10 and disc of all their images!

And as always, every family receives a free 8x10 and disc of all their images!

A huge thank you to the aforementioned partners and also to Persnickety Prints for the donation of all the prints!

Hispanic Health Fair

A couple weekends ago we were invited by Health Choice Utah to participate at another health fair, this time in Park City Utah. The Hispanic health fair was put on by Holy Cross Ministries and Communities United. It was a wonderful event and we were grateful to be apart of it!

We got to meet many wonderful families and even learn some new Spanish words.

We forgot to get a group volunteer photo before taking down all of our studio equipment so we improvised and took one anyway. Here's some familiar faces of our volunteers! 

Come join us! Every event energizes as each family walks in. It feels good to help out in a unique way and give a priceless gift!

Salt Lake City Refugee Health Fair Event

On May 21, 2016, we had the privilege of participating in an incredibly giving health fair for refugees. It was put on by Catholic Community Services and we were invited to join.

Despite any language barriers, we were able to connect with the families and have a good time.

There were such big spirits there and many stories on the faces of these people. We are proud to live in a state that has been so welcoming to those needing refuge.

Besides myself and one other photographer, we had three volunteers with us as well and their help was truly priceless and the whole event was smooth sailing!

We were able to photograph 29 sessions equaling up to 97 people in the three hours that we were there. It was a great day.

Cedar City Event- Paiute Tribe

In April we were able to hold our first official event! We were fortunate enough to partner with the Paiute Tribe of Utah and to serve their community and others around them who heard about the event.

We had three photographers:

Who photographed a total of 49 families, equaling up to 192 people!

It was awesome to see some traditional Native American pow-wow attire and even hear someone play their Native American flute. What a beautiful day.

As always, the best part is getting to connect with the families and individuals as they come in. Everyone was so grateful and kind. So many of them were astonished that we were there to give them the gift of a family photo. It was fun to ensure them that there were no strings attached. We are really here to give family photos!