Legacy Home, Senior Living Center, February 2018

We started out the new year with an extra special event photographing the residents at a senior living home. Many of these people had never had professional portraits taken in their whole lives, or if they had, it was a only once, many years ago.


We also had a great time hearing their stories and advice. One couple said, "Too many young couples are giving up on their marriages when things get hard, but they don't know that it will only get better if you keep going!"

One couple stood at the end of their session and the photographer asked if they needed help getting to their walkers, to which the wife replied, "No, we'll just hold onto each other."


One woman, who is 99 years old (!) told us all about her morning exercises and showed us her kicks! She also brought in she chubby, mellow dog for the photos as well.

Afterwards, we all expressed how important this work felt and that we needed to go to every senior center we can to document these important people in the twilight of their lives.

It was a wonderful day and we're grateful to our volunteer photographers for all of their hard work!

Salt Lake City, Utah- International Rescue Committee; Women's Health Fair

Teaming up with the International Rescue Committee for their women's health fair was a fantastic opportunity. We love what they do and who they help and working with them was well organized and you could feel how much they care for the refugees they help. We made meaningful connections that day and much was spoken without words between volunteers and the women.



Salt Lake City, Utah- Pacific Islander Kick Off Event

We had a wonderful evening helping out at the Pacific Islander kick off event. We partnered with Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resource (PIK2AR), who works to help reduce domestic violence, improve economic development, cultivate local leadership and effectively blend Pacific Island cultures. They had a large event with vendors, cultural booths, free school supplies, performances from different Pacific Islander groups, and US! It was a privileged to photograph families and help preserve such a beautiful culture.